• Tips to Help Improve your Golf Shot Accuracy
  • Golf Swing Tips You Should Never Ignore
  • A Guide on How to Master the Art of Deliberate Practice in Golf
  • Tricks that Will Set you Up for Success in the Game
  • Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Tips to Help Improve your Golf Shot Accuracy

It is the dream of every golfer to get an accurate shot in every game. However, this is never achievable to most golfers. Smashing hard the ball or a deep concentration while shooting will never guarantee you an accurate shot. Most players get frustrated when it becomes hard to make an accurate shot and they lose their initial enthusiasm. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you improve your…

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Golf Swing Tips You Should Never Ignore

Commonly referred to as the gentleman’s game, golf has inspired an obsession that is beyond compare since its inception in the Middle Ages. It is one of those games where self discipline is a major drive and mutual respect highly essential. The uniqueness of golf is fascinating, ranging from the fancy putters, the latest drivers, breathtaking green view, spiked shoes, to the sweeping links, golf is a game that inspires…


Tricks that Will Set you Up for Success in the Game

Did you know that what you do before a round has a huge effect on you overall performance? Well, pro golfers understand this deeply and they have mastered some pre-round exercises that help set them up for success. These tricks that will set you up for success in the game are compiled below; Focus on the Process and the Not Outcome Professional golfers understand the trick of having no expectations…


Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

The grip and the stance of the golfer are very crucial when it comes to taking a golf swing. They will affect the direction and the distance of a shot. You therefore need to master your grip and stance since these two will determine the quality of your swing. By mastering the right tips to improve your golf swing, you will be able to take excellent shots. Measuring the Golf…


The Five Best Tips for Golf Beginners

Golfing is an extremely exciting game with its major aim being to hit a small hole the fewest possible shots. It is a game that is totally different from others games; as the player, your enemy is not your opponent or your surroundings but rather yourself. This may explain why the game has endured and kept its sense of sportsmanship. The players, even at the most professional levels, are always…

tour X

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

The introduction of the laser rangefinder to golf has, without a doubt, helped amateurs and professionals improve their game. Aside from being a reliable aid in capturing targets more accurately, it provides accurate readings faster than their GPS counterparts. In this article, i will feature another top-of-the-line golf laser tool — the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder – and examine its most helpful attributes. Why do you have to buy this product?…

tour Z6

Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder Review

A golf rangefinder is not only essential to beginners or amateur golfers, but to professional golfers as well. It helps improve every golfer’s game by overcoming his inability to read distances on his own. Moreover, it makes a golfer become more confident with his shots and it improves one’s ability to make decisions during game time. In this article, we will focus on one of the best golf laser rangefinders…


Golf Rangefinder – Slope & Pinseeker Rangefinder VPRO 500S® Review

Everyone can’t be the next great golf sensation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to help out your game every way you can. From special balls to cleats to gloves, there are so many things you can buy that will get you ready to play a few holes. Another necessary component nowadays is a rangefinder. They are used by many professionals as well as golf enthusiasts when they…

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Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder – PinSensor3 Series Review

In the game of golf, you should be exceptionally skilled in almost all aspects to get a better advantage. You should be physically fit to make the strokes, confident in chipping each ball close to the hole, and be prepared to react appropriately to the external pressures brought by the game.  Alright, you know that already. But do you think that’s enough to win you a couple of games? Not…